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Book Highlight: Lucky, by Renee Miller


Book Information

lucky cover
Title: Lucky
Author: Renee Miller
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Everything Caerus Thornton touches turns to gold... or dies.

Thanatos, god of death, has an almost flawless record until he encounters Caerus. For some reason, he can’t fulfill the simple task of delivering death to the tiny blonde fated to die in the delivery room.

Furious at his failure, the Fates exile Thanatos on Earth, where he must remain until he redeems himself in the eyes of his fellow gods.

Somewhere along the way Thanatos finds himself falling for the woman he's spent more than two decades trying to kill.    

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Author Bio

lucky author Renee Miller has been a waitress, a bartender, a gas station attendant, a social worker, a daycare provider, coffee-slinging drive-thru professional, and an office administrator, before finally deciding writing could be more than just a hobby. She’s published novels in the crime/suspense genres (IN THE BONES, THE LEGEND OF JACKSON MURPHY), as well as romantic suspense (DIRTY TRUTHS) and paranormal romance (LUCKY).    

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“They didn’t give me any pain meds. What’s this world coming to when a girl can’t get a simple painkiller from a general practitioner?” Caerus whined as she unlocked her door and stepped inside. “I wasn’t asking for heroin, for crying out loud. Just a little something to take the edge off a damn headache.”

“You called the doctor a clumsy cu—”

“And I meant it. No stitches. Seriously? Did you see the gash in my head?”

Thanatos sighed. She hadn’t closed her mouth since he dragged her from the hospital. That single redeeming quality was beginning to look like a needle in a haystack sort of mission.

“You coming in?” She turned to offer a stunning smile.

Thanatos willed her inside, but she didn’t budge. “I was going to get in the shower. I smell of sickness.”

“You can use my shower. Maybe I’ll join you.” She winked.

There was that dimple again. Thanatos shoved his hands in his pockets. The image of her lying naked in her bathroom would be forever burned into his mind. He didn’t need to make more tortuous memories.

“Come on, don’t be such a priss.” She punched his arm.

Thanatos frowned. He didn’t know what a priss was, but suspected it wasn’t complimentary. “I have things to do.”

Caerus reached out and trailed her fingers over his chest. A chill shook his body. “You afraid? Or am I just that disgusting?”

“No—I just thought you could use your rest.”

“I can rest when I’m dead. Besides, you should look after me. I did take a pretty hard blow to the head.”

“The doctor said you would be fine. Besides, it is late and I find I am quite weary.”

“The doctor said I might have a concussion. I need someone to look after me in case I…concuss or something.”

“He said it would serve you right if you’d gotten a concussion.”

She frowned. “Careful, a girl might not feel like thanking you if you keep reminding her of the nasty doctor man.”

“Thanking me?”

Caerus grabbed the lapel of his jacket and pulled him inside the apartment. “I’m very grateful you found me. You probably saved my life. For that you deserve a proper thank you.”

He winced. Yes, he had. Not something Erebos would find worthy of reward. “You are welcome. I don’t see any reason why your gratitude could not be expressed out in the hallway.”

“I didn’t want the neighbors to see.”

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