Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cover Reveal: More Than Skin Deep

Currently available for pre-order on Amazon.  Other links available soon.

More Than Skin Deep

Shifting's only skin deep. Terror goes to the bone.

Having eliminated the shifter community's stalker and agreed to care for a pile of new baby lamias, child counselor and weresnake Lindi Parker believes she'll be able to settle into her newly domestic life with her mongoose-shifter boyfriend, Kade Nevala.

But she didn't count on being on duty at her new job as a Shifter Shield when a hyena-shifter shows up requesting asylum—along with his girlfriend. She's a Hunter from a hereditary clan of monster trackers, and a semi-mythical figure of dread among shifters. Worse, they have an entire werewolf pack after them, howling for their blood.

And now they're coming for Lindi, too.  

  The Shifter Shield Series includes: 

  Lindi & Kade Books 
  A Generation of Vipers (novella) 

  Other Shifter Books 
  Darkness There (coming soon)

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